BRI Scholarship Enables First Graduate of Pradita Dirgantara High School to Seta New MURI Record

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Boyolali, 26 Juni 2021 Chairwoman of the Ardhya Garini Foundation (Yasarini), Mrs. Nanny Hadi Tjahjanto, extends her heartfelt appreciation to Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) for their steadfast partnership with Pradita Dirgantara High School since 2018. In a press release received by the school's public relations team on Saturday, June 26, 2021, Mrs. Nanny expressed Yasarini's gratitude to BRI for their unwavering support from the early days of Pradita Dirgantara High Schools establishment.

BRI's backing for Pradita Dirgantara High School has been substantial. BRI provides scholarships for the operational expenses of the first cohort from grades X to XII, amounting to 7.5 million per year, as part of their corporate social responsibility program. Alongside the scholarship initiative, BRI has also contributed to the development of educational facilities and provided learning applications aligned with the concept of a smart school, including e-library, school management system, and online presence. BRI has also extended financial aid for the construction of a mosque and other worship facilities, totaling 1 billion.

This support from BRI has yielded remarkable results, as demonstrated by the recognition from the Museum of World Records-Indonesia (MURI) for Pradita Dirgantara High School, presented on Friday, June 25, 2021. The achievement lies in the category of the highest number of graduates from the first cohort accepted into state universities (PTN), with 161 alumni, constituting 82.26 percent of the total 141 alumni who applied through SBMPTN. Additionally, seven alumni were accepted into foreign universities, including Catar AAU (26), Catar AAL (3), cadets at the University of Defense (10), Military Academy (Akmil, 1), and Police Academy (Akpol, 1).

Nanny also expressed her hope that the collaborative efforts with these donors and partners will continue to thrive, ensuring that the initial mission of Pradita Dirgantara High School to nurture future global leaders will be realized in the years to come.

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