SMA Pradita DIrgantaras Teachers Attend Training on the Development and Utilization of ICT for E-Learning

PRADITA DIRGANTARA SMA (Boyolali) –SMA Pradita Dirgantara held a training on the Development and Utilization of ICT for E-Learning on Tuesday-Wednesday, 18-19 August 2020. The training activity was titled “Facilitating Skilled HR Utilizing Information and Communication Technology for E-Learning Class Features This Digital Learning House during the Covid-19 Pandemic is taking place online through the Zoom Meeting application. This event was attended by educators and education staff at SMA Pradita Dirgantara and SMA Angkasa which is a school under the Ardhya Garini Foundation. This training is a collaboration between the Ardhya Garini Foundation and the Center for Data and Information (PUSDATIN) of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. The keynote speakers who were presented were from Pusdatin namely Agus Triarso, S.kom., M.Pd, (Sub Design Coordinator), Arif Darmawan, M.Pd., (PTP Pusdatin) and I made Bhudi Saputra (Technology Utilization Analyst).

This training was a response to the Covid-19 pandemic which was addressed by the Ministry of Education and Culture by issuing a policy of learning from home and learning online. This policy is not something easy to implement, given the challenges of inequality in the world of education in Indonesia. These gaps include the existence of technological gaps in each region and the limited competence of teachers in utilizing ICT as a learning support and learning resource. Therefore the presence of ICT can contribute greatly in providing an expansion of interaction between educators, students, and learning resources.

The general chairman of Yasarini, Mrs. Nanny Hadi Tjahyanto, in her speech said that as an education person, he must always be ready to face all changes and conditions. The curriculum in the future must accommodate various competencies such as; critical thinking, the ability to collaborate, adapt agility, the ability to communicate, the ability to access data and analyze information data. This is in line with the times and the sharpness of digitization in this 4.0 era. He also advised teachers and staff to take part in this training activity properly and seriously, so as to improve competence and be able to carry out educational services to all students properly.
The materials presented in this training include online development policies in the new era of normality, types of digital classroom applications and designing digital classes with virtual classes. Apart from getting the theory, the participants were also given the opportunity to practice during the training. It is hoped that after participating in this training the participants will get additional knowledge and skills in teaching, so that they are able to manage the digital classroom well, be interesting and easily understood by students so that the learning objectives are achieved. (PR of Pradita Dirgantara)

The opportunity to do a school tour by visiting several places in the SMA Pradita Dirgantara area. The event was closed with a friendly manner with the mothers of Yasarini, SMA Pradita officials and all invited guests (PR SMA Pradita Dirgantara).

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