Ready to Become a World Class High School, SMA Pradita Dirgantara Initiate Collaboration with the French Embassy

PRADITA DIRGANTARA SMA (Boyolali) – Realizing the importance of internationalization and the quality of senior secondary education that can compete at the international level, and in order to realize a commitment to become a world-class senior secondary education institution, SMA Pradita Dirgantara initiated a collaboration with the French Embassy which began with a teleconference at Friday, October 9, 2020.

Attending the teleconference, Dr. Philippe Grangé Attache for French language cooperation, Col. (AD) Sven Meic Defense Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of France to Indonesia, David Cordier Deputy Defense Attache of the Embassy of the Republic of France and Ms. Sarah Camara, Director of the Center for IFI Yogyakarta. Meanwhile from Pradita Dirgantara School, the Director of Pradita Dirgantara School, Dwi Agus Yuliantoro, Ph.D, was present. Sutanto, S.Si., DEA, Manager of Supervision and Quality Assurance and Dr. Yulianto Hadi as the Principal of SMA Pradita Dirgantara. Also attending the event were Mrs. Nanny Hadi Tjahyanto, the general chairman of Yasarini and Mrs. Inong Fadjar Prasetyo as the General Chairperson of the Ardhya Garini Foundation.

“This event is the initial initiation for Pradita Dirgantara School to collaborate in the education sector with France. With this collaboration, it is hoped that it can add insight into French culture for students, and also be the beginning of cooperation with schools and universities in France so that Pradita Dirgantara High School students can continue their studies there “. Said Mrs. Nanny Hadi Tjahjanto.

The cooperation plan that will be developed is the Sister School program with schools in France, so that each school can conduct regular student and teacher exchanges. The France track program will also be applied to students who plan to continue their studies at universities in France. In this program the school will be supported by the IFI (French Institute for Indonesia) to provide qualified French language teachers, so that students can learn French language and culture well before continuing their studies in France. In the France Track program students will also be trained to study science with French as an introduction, so that in the future students can adapt relatively quickly when they continue their studies in France.

“Pradita Dirgantara School is very welcome for IFI to open a france corner at SMA Pradita Dirgantara, and help students to be close to French culture and learn French well, so they can register and study at universities in France. Hopefully by the end of this year Pradita Dirgantara School can start this program, if the pandemic conditions are conducive, “said Dwi Agus Yuliantoro, Ph.D, Director of Pradita Dirgantara School.

In the future SMA Pradita Dirgantara is ready to become a world-class high school with adequate domestic and foreign educational facilities and cooperation. (Lena / SMA Pradita Dirgantara)

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